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hi guys,i hope u like this site,it might look a little amatuer ,but don worry ill improve it,trisha is one one of the cutest actresses in the tamil film industry,accordin to me she is da best,
this site is bout trisha krishnan,ill try to update this site as quickly as possible,any comments u cud mail me or sign the guest book

When girls her age are still trying to grapple with acne, Trisha is out walking a ramp, sporting amazing outfits,acting in movies,music videos,shooting ads...etc. To say that she is charming would be playing down a lot of this taurean's personality. Her light brown eyes and glorious smile speak volumes, but they don't outdo her sharp intellect. Trisha was crowned Miss Chennai for the year 2000. On the professional front, she has already done a couple of advertisements including Lalitha Jewellers and Kumaran Silks.
  Her films have also been released,and she has signed up for lots more,look out 4 her
She is a talented ballet dancer and an expert swimmer. Trisha enjoys all the attention that she gets. And she herself idolises Claudia Schiffer, Aishwariya Rai and Madhu Sapre. Sapre is her favourite.