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Some facts bout trisha,..hope u like em
Name  Trisha Krishnan
First Film 

Leysa Leysa

   Date of Birth  May 4, 1983
Education  third year student of BBA
at Ethiraj College, Chennai


Trisha Krishnan : Neem Miss Beautiful Smile

Height : 5' 71/2"

Age : 18 years

Stats : 34-26.5-37.5

Weight : 55kg


Nick Name: Honey

Academic Achievements: 92% in my higher secondary.

Other Pursuits: Modelling & sports

Future Plans: As of now, I plan to do my M.B.A. after completing my B.B.A.

Outstanding Achievements: Won Miss Chennai(1999) Won two bronze medals in school for high jump.

Happiest Moment of your life: I've had so many moments in my life where I've been very happy so it's difficult to pick out one.

Lucky Charm: None

Strongest personality trait : My determination

Weakest personality trait : I do a lot of thinking even about petty matters

Turn ons : Good Perfume, Power

Turn offs : Body odour, In-compassionate people, People chewing loudly

Blind date you'd go out with : Bill Clinton

Favourite Night Activity : Reading, net-surfing & partying occasionally

Terrified of : Losing people who matter the most

Recurring dream : I am walking on a lonely road in the middle of the night & a guy on a bicycle rides past me and pulls my hand

Animal/Fruit you resemble most : Baby Corn


Food/Dish : Brown rice & Chicken curry

Book/Author : Chicken Soup For the Soul/ Sidney Sheldon & Danielle Steele

Magazine: Femina/ Cosmopolitan

Movie : The English Patient, Silence of the Lambs

Movie Star: Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks & Manisha Koirala

Song/Music Video : Careless Whisper by George Michael & Slim Shady by Eminem


Ramp/Runaway/Shows : Mr. Prasad Bidappa, Marc Robinson, Sunil Menon

Press Advertising : Eva cosmetics, Medimix soap, Kumaran silks

TV Advertising : Brittania, Cold Coffee, Kurl-on mattresses, Junior Horlicks

Catalogue : CD shot for designer Richa's Clothes which appeared in "SAVVY"- Shot for a Malasian catalogue - Shot for designer Zubail's Western Garments

Music Video : Meri Chunar Ud Ud Jaye/ Filmmaker - Radhika Rao/ Artist - Falguni Pathak

Nick Name: Honey


more stuff ,comin very soon ,be patient guys/gals!!!