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1) An interview with the Hindu dated june 21 2000(source

2)An interview with kumudham dated july 6 2 2002

3)chat transcript from ( on may 15 2003

Interview with the hindu....

How should a person go about preparing to enter this field?

It is necessary for people entering this profession to keep their portfolios ready as this is the first thing modeling agencies ask for when you approach them. There are photographers who offer a package deal inclusive of make up and hairstylist, but separate payments have to be made for developing and printing the photographs. Once the portfolios are ready you need to approach or send them to model coordinators who help you secure assignments. There is a fair amount of public relations needed in the industry. One has to be in constantly in touch with the coordinators because one seldom comes in direct contact with the clients. It is the model coordinators who arrange for assignments; take care of payments and other formalities.

I was interested in this profession during my higher secondary school days. I had a friend who was already in this profession and introduced me to some coordinators.

How is the fashion scene in South?

There are very good designers, coordinators, cameramen and technicians in the south. However, sometimes they shortlist models from here but then bring in a model from Mumbai for the shoot. Despite models out here getting due recognition, the opportunity factor however is not high as prevailing in a city like Mumbai.

How do you compare ramp modeling to modeling for ad shoots/films?

Ramp modeling is much more alive and you have your audience right there in front of you. The impact has to be immediate. In the case of ad campaigns however, you have time to make the audience sit up and take notice. Ramp modeling is more exciting though stressful because you have very limited time to model the whole collection, while ad shoots can even stretch to a few days and one can take things slowly. Both these forms are thrilling in their own way and personally I like doing both.

At times the crowd tends to become unruly and spoil the whole scene, has it ever happened to you?

It is generally so in school and college fashion shows that the crowd tends to be very rambunctious, but in professional shows the crowd is sober and responsive. I have done a fashion show organised by NIFT where the crowd was very appreciative.

Designer wear very often tends to be highly impractical, have you ever felt this was so?

Yes, I have often felt that many of the clothes that I model are quite impractical, and I have also questioned the designer about this. They are but, more bothered about the cut, the material, textures and design. One cannot however, categorise all the creations as outlandish as some of the designs are wearable like salwar kameezes and night-wear.

Models are used in fashion shows so that clothes can be displayed in a better way, and people can see the cut, fall and design clearly. Don't you think sometimes, this concept is lost on the audience?

The audiences are supposed to look at the clothes and the fit but more often they stare at the models. The designers are trying to show their creations through us, which will help her\him to sell the clothes. People do tend to forget this and end up praising the model instead of the clothes she is modeling.

Indians have of late become highly fashion and beauty conscious and even work out regularly. Any comments?

Indian models are making their presence felt on the international modeling scene. As a matter of fact if today a lot of people are becoming fashion and health conscious, it is all thanks to these well- known models and beauty queens. There is nothing wrong if a person wants to look good.

Modeling is perceived as a very glamorous field, can you present a clearer picture of this field?

This profession seems glamorous because there is a very high level of media exposure. What people fail to acknowledge is the hard work, which goes into each and every fashion show or an ad shoot. Not just by the models but also by the people who work in the background and without them it would be impossible to put up a show. We work under tremendous pressure with long hours of practice to put forth a successful show. It is not as easy as it looks from the outside.

However, there are people in this field who tend to act unprofessionally and exploit the models. If you are a person with a strong set of morals, have your head firmly set on your shoulders, then you will not get swayed by these people. I have not modeled for products I don't believe in nor have I worked with people who make me uncomfortable. Everyone in this field should have their own set of principles and if your foundation is strong then you cannot go wrong.

What about monetary benefits and life beyond the ramp?

An aspiring model may not be really well paid, but once you are established and make your presence felt, then you can command your price. Modelling has a very short life span. Personally, I feel it is better to have a good education so that after a career in modeling it will help you in life. Models who retire either set up grooming schools, become model coordinators or branch out into other areas of the fashion industry.


Interview on kumudam ....6/7/2002

Q : Tell about yourself.....
A : Dad Krishnan's an industrialist (Silicon papers) and mom Uma's a housewife and manages my callsheet. I am the only daughter and a pampered child. I've been allowed to drive my car and at a great speed! I've completed my BBA second year at Ethiraj College, Chennai. And I haven't attended a single day at college for the final year. I would definitely have to attend college and complete my course. I know Tamil, English, Hindi, and French. However, I don't know to read and write Tamil. The only tamil word I know is Trisha. I've won many prizes in Tennis and swimming. I watch many movies, read books, and i sing songs...I have many friends on the Internet with whom I chat. But I don't meet any of them. I am fond of peoms, but I don't write any.

Q : Have you willingly entered the film industry?
A : Vikram Singh, who produced the film '12 B'(Film works) is a family friend. I got the title Miss Chennai in 1997(*huh i wonder which she really won the miss chennai title,ne1 knows contact me,ie webmaster*) and at the Miss India paegent held in 2001, I was awarded the Miss Beautiful Smile title. I got may modelling assignments and participated in a number of fashion shows thereafter. After seeing my photograph, Director Priyadarshan appraoached me for the film 'Lesa Lesa'. Then I was chosen for the role. The first shot picturised on me was the one in which I am amazed at Shaam's house as I am shown the place. This was okayed in a single take. Everyone in the unit motivated me and exended their support. Particularly, the tour to Ooty was an unforgettable experience.It was like a holiday.

Q : Being a Miss Chennai holder, do you think good looks alone would suffice to endure in the film industry?
A : To act in films, beauty alone is never enough. You need to have the talent to perform. And a little of luck. Moreover, an actress should also be capable of attracting the viewers.

Q : Do you think you know the art of captivating the audience?
A : At present, I think I am having a firm footing in the tamil film industry. I think the fans are aware of my presence in the field. Just as Jyothika, introduced by Director Priyadarshan, turned out to be popular among the tamil film viewers, I think I too would be crowned the number one in the tamil film industry. I am prepared to strive towards that.

Q : The films you are presently working in.......
A : I am doing 'Lesa Lesa' with Shaam and Madhavan. But I wouldn't tell you whom I am paired with. Followed by that, A M Rathinam's 'Enakku 20, Unakku 18' directed by Jyothikrishna, in which I am paired with Tarunkumar. This film is also being made in Telugu titled 'Nee Manasu Naaku Thelusu'. I am also booked for 'Mounam Pesiyathe' with Surya in the lead, directed by Amir. And with Ajith in 'Thiruda' directed by Shaaji Kailash. I am slo being offered roles in Teleugu films. I am currently avoiding working in other films and concentrating on tamil.

Q : What are your expectations as you accept new assignments?
A : A good banner, and a good unit..a good script and a good role...and my callsheet's available right away!

Q : There's an accustation that you charge a lot?
A : My first film has not yet been released, how can I decide my salary? And even if I were to demand, would I be paid? I leave that to you....

Q : Would you act with young heroes only?
A : Who has said I said so? Tell me the story..and my role...If I feel it is good, and if the dates are avialable, I am prepared to work with all heroes...

Q : It is being said that you are being controlled by producer Vikram Singh?
A : This is too much. If I were in his control, how would I be able to allot callsheets for other films? My callsheet is being managed by my Manager and my mother. If I am contacted over my mobile, I would allot callsheet myself...

Q : Would you do films in which two heroines work?
A : No way. The audience would concentrate on my role and performance only if I were the single heroine. I'd accord priority to modern girl roles. I don't intend doing mature roles in the beginning. I wish to be the numero uno in the tamil film industry. With the support of the fans, I think I'd be able to flourish here.


Chat transcript ( thanx guyz!!

chari_anand asks how do you feel when u face the camera at first time?
Trisha Krishnan says i was already used to it. since i have done ads before.

mgandhi asks Trisha, People get motivated for several reasons such as, money, fame, hobby, art etc., what is your motivating factor
Trisha Krishnan says my love for acting

ykishore77 asks what will be ur dream day?
Trisha Krishnan says the day am extremely happy with myself. professionaly and personally.

Check out what Trisha had to share with her fans!

siva_prasad asks HI
Trisha Krishnan says Hi! I am here guys! Shoot your questions

idatsify asks Do u realy enjoy FILM industry?
Trisha Krishnan says i love it. i would not have been here if i didnt enjoy it.

sfx asks Hi Trish how are u?
Trisha Krishnan says am fine! how abt u?

archu4 asks hi trisha how r u which is ur native
Trisha Krishnan says fine. am from kerala., from Palghat.

natsuko asks Hav u come to Japan before?
Trisha Krishnan says yeah..i have been to Tokyo..but i was very young.

ykishore77 asks what will be ur reply if i ask u honestly of having a coffee with me when i come to india?. Jus tell me frankly about ur instinct feeling if any of ur fan asks like this?.
Trisha Krishnan says would be interesting, if time permits.

natsuko asks Hye, vanakkm TRISHA! Im NATSUKO from Japan :)
Trisha Krishnan says hi natsuko!!! hello!

ykishore77 asks hi trisha, i am kishore from singapore...though from andhra i am a great admirer of your next to door girl look beautiness. It s pleasure to chat with you.
Trisha Krishnan says thanks! its nice chatting with u.

gurutex_knit asks hello how ru
Trisha Krishnan says hi am fine. how r u?

srnarasi asks Whooz ur favourite hero of all time/all languages ? [Pls Don say Kamalahasan ;)
Trisha Krishnan says english - Tom Hanks and in TAmil - Rajnikanth, and Hindi, right now Vivek Oberoi.

srnarasi asks Hi Trisha, We do see lots of heroine-sensations in tamil industry now & then. A major percentage of them. How do you think you need to plan ur career ?
Trisha Krishnan says I started doing commercial cinema first. doing young roles..and i will probably branch out into something serious later.

muthuonthenet asks Hey pretty face! :) Temme abt ur favourite song n color n i ll fotetell thy future! :)
Trisha Krishnan says i love fortune telling. my fav song is I like George Michael s Careless fav colour is black.

rvkanandh asks who s ur favorite Hero..?
Trisha Krishnan says Vivek Oberoi :-)

natsuko asks WHEN is LAYSA LAYSA release???
Trisha Krishnan says oh..supposed to be tomorrow.

thomasvj asks hi swamy film so good
Trisha Krishnan says glad u liked it.

n_vasanthan asks hi u looking so cute........
Trisha Krishnan says thank uuuuu

j6face2003 asks hi, i am fr malaysia
Trisha Krishnan says hi! great to know that.

pra_132 asks why are u acting with simbu
Trisha Krishnan says in the industry and i dont see preferences when it coems to who acts with me. and the role was good.

sfx asks What s your views on GV s suicide?
Trisha Krishnan says very unfortunate. i have nothing else to say.

onlyindian asks You are very much young..So I can ask your DOB..isn t it?
Trisha Krishnan says yeah 4/5/83 :-)

ganeshbittu asks Do u know, the website is titled Angel Trisha Krishnan and has got many hits till date?
Trisha Krishnan says could u pls give me the address? i will surely check that out. do keep me posted on the new stuff.

darling_of_mass asks Do u Quit Modelling
Trisha Krishnan says no..i have quit shows..but i do ads once a while.

natsuko asks Im Srikanth Fanclub Japan moderator, well how was the shooting of MANASELLAM with him? Pls tell us his one good point n one not good point that u think.
Trisha Krishnan says i have known him ever since modelling days. we have been frns always. his good point if we share a comfort lever when we work with each other..and not so good point..well..hmmm

rvkanandh asks helloo trisha! what about ur upcoming projects(movies)..?
Trisha Krishnan says there is Lesa LEsa, there is Enakku 20 Unakku 18 and of course Alai with SImbu.

onlyindian asks How r u and ur movies going?
Trisha Krishnan says doing very well.

sfx asks Is there a difference between a modeling industry and film world?
Trisha Krishnan says definitely. films r more real. there is more connection with the mass. but modelling is just temporary.

ganeshbittu asks Hi Trisha! Ganesh here! Do u know there s a website I created for u?
Trisha Krishnan says great! what s the URL?

onlyindian asks Welcome...Our queen of heart!
Trisha Krishnan says wow! thanks a ton!

medirad asks what kind of a person u like to marry
Trisha Krishnan says i will let u know when i meet him. what say u?

srnarasi asks Can you tell about your family ?
Trisha Krishnan says am the only child..just me, my parents and my doggie :-)

mratheesh asks what is ur next film
Trisha Krishnan says am doing one with Simbu called Alai.

(i hope im not infringin any copyrights or sumthin)

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